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Ice core reveals how lush Antarctica changed to icy desert

New Scientist - ‎11 hours ago‎
The ice core was taken from the sea floor off Wilkes Land in East Antarctica as part of the Integrated Ocean Drilling Programme.
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Huge trove of dinosaur fossils found in Antarctica

Daily Mail - ‎4 hours ago‎
Six weeks of camping in the frigid temperatures of Antarctica and a six mile hike to and from the field site, is what 12 scientists endured while researching the end of the age of dinosaurs.

From tropical to glacial—Antarctica's history in one ice core

Science Magazine - ‎2 hours ago‎
It's hard to imagine now, but Antarctica was once covered in jungles that were nourished by monsoon rains. The 42-million-year transition from a subtropical to glacial Antarctica has now been captured in a single ice core, New Scientist reports ...

Video: Australian adventurer prepares for world-first bike trip across Antarctica

CyclingTips - ‎6 hours ago‎
Australian adventurer Kate Leeming will today start a 20-day, 400-kilometre fat bike expedition in Greenland, in preparation for a world-first trip across Antarctica via the South Pole. In Greenland Leeming will test out a new custom-made Christini all ...
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Scientists Uncover a Huge Trove of Dinosaur Fossils in Antarctica

Atlas Obscura - ‎May 5, 2016‎
The expedition on Antarctica was grueling, one of them told ABC, but even harder may have been getting there. Previous research trips were scuttled after the scientists ran into too much sea ice in the Drake Passage.
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Antarctica Swallowed Five British Research Stations, but It Won't Get Halley VI

Inverse - ‎4 hours ago‎
Antarctica's ice sheets are in a constant state of change - they crevasse, they flow, they calve off into icebergs. That's a problem for scientific research stations, which also have to contend with several feet of annual accumulated snow that can ...

Pan–ice-sheet glacier terminus change in East Antarctica reveals sensitivity of Wilkes Land to sea-ice changes

Science Advances - ‎6 hours ago‎
The dynamics of ocean-terminating outlet glaciers are an important component of ice-sheet mass balance. Using satellite imagery for the past 40 years, we compile an approximately decadal record of outlet-glacier terminus position change around the ...

Are There Pyramids in Antarctica? - ‎35 minutes ago‎
Tonight, Ancient Aliens' premiere episode for the new season is scheduled to be about “Pyramids of Antarctica.” But are there really any pyramids in this snowy, icy world?
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Horizon: Ice Station Antarctica: why people want to live in the coldest place on Earth - review - ‎May 4, 2016‎
There's getting away from it all, and then there's visiting Halley VI Research Station in Antarctica - a set of colourful pods on a floating ice shelf in one of the planet's most remote locations.

'Hidden continent' found underneath Antarctica

Metro - ‎May 3, 2016‎
'Hidden continent' found underneath Antarctica. Toby Meyjes for 3 May 2016 7:51 pm. 698. 'Hidden continent' found underneath Antarctica. Scientists have uncovered loads of new information about Lake Whillans (Picture: Getty) ...

What lies beneath West Antarctica

Space Daily - ‎17 hours ago‎
Three recent publications by early career researchers at three different institutions across the country provide the first look into the biogeochemistry, geophysics and geology of Subglacial Lake Whillans, which lies 800 meters (2,600 feet) beneath the ...

Leave Your Coat on If You're Going to Mass in Antarctica

Aleteia EN - ‎May 4, 2016‎
Finding a spot you can build something on, in Antarctica can be rough. Just consider 98 percent of the surface is just ice.

Antarctica now the ultimate destination

Independent Online - ‎May 4, 2016‎
Much of the buzz on Antarctica is coming from the luxury end of the cruise business, where the higher ticket prices meld better with the very-much-higher operating costs in a remote polar region where weather conditions are harsh and unpredictable.
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Antarctica heats up for another reason: Tourists - ‎May 1, 2016‎
The number of people landing on Antarctica is poised to surpass its annual record of 46,000, stimulated in part by new travel options and a surge of Chinese adventurers.

What it's REALLY like to be a tourist in Antarctica

Daily Mail - ‎May 1, 2016‎
Antarctica: the coldest, quietest and arguably the most magical place left on earth is a once in a lifetime travel destination for certain, but getting there is no smooth ride.

Antarctica visitors increase 4.6% in 2015/16; IAATO celebrates 25th anniversary

MercoPress - ‎May 3, 2016‎
The total numbers of visitors travelling to Antarctica, with IAATO members, was 38,478, an increase of 4.6% compared to the previous season.
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Secret lake underneath Antarctica may be home to prehistoric and UNDISCOVERED life - ‎Apr 27, 2016‎
It is located on the eastern coast of Antarctica in Princess Elizabeth Land and is just 100km from the nearest research base - which is relatively short considering how massive the continent is - according to an announcement the team made at the ...
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Review: Her Majesty's Prison: Norwich; Horizon: Ice Station Antarctica

The Times (subscription) - ‎May 4, 2016‎
The latest in ITV and Wild Pictures' anthology of prison documentaries, Her Majesty's Prison: Norwich confronted us with an extraordinary statistic.

Researchers say massive mystery lake may lie below the surface of Antarctica

AOL News - ‎Apr 29, 2016‎
Over the years, scientists and explorers have learned a great deal about the planet's landmasses, but many of them still hold surprises.

Antarctica: Up Close with The Ross Sea Party

Discover Magazine (blog) - ‎Apr 29, 2016‎
(Join me now in the wintry darkness of Antarctica. Here at Dead Things, I'll occasionally share posts from my now inactive personal blog, Stories That Are True.